Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Adjustable dumbbells

Stay Healthy and Fit with Adjustable Dumbbells

One of the most popular and commonly used tools for physical activity are adjustable dumbbells. Dumbbells can be used both in the gym and at home. They are used so widely first of all because they are affordable. Dumbbells are the most effective and the easiest to use for strength trainings out of all the exercise tools. There is one significant drawback of the regular dumbbells though. They take a lot of place. If you want to keep them at home, you will need some extra space, because the whole rack of dumbbells is pretty huge. That is why an alternative design of dumbbells has been established – adjustable dumbbells which have gained recognition among customers.

Advantages of Adjustable Dumbbells over Conventional Ones

Less place for the same price. This type of dumbbells goes in the set which takes as much place as one pair of regular dumbbells. Therefore they do not clutter your apartment if you prefer to work out at home. However, you can easily change this pair into another one simply expanding the weight according to your needs and physical condition by a few simple movements.
More practical in usage. You do not have to stop trainings every time you need to change weight and pick another pair of dumbbells. You just choose the set with appropriate weight range for you, for example, from 5lbs to 52.5 lbs, and transform your dumbbells whenever you wish making yourself comfortable, experiencing strength and muscle gains.

Possibility to create a hidden home gym. If you do not want everyone to know how exactly you are training in order to be fit, dumbbells which are adjustable will easily help you in this. Noone will even notice them in your pantry. You will not have to put them into the living room, corridor or any other room because they are too big for small places. These will definitely be suitable for a limited space so that your friends didn’t guess that you’re working out at home.
Saving time. If you have a busy schedule, are well-organised, there’s no time for you to spend in the public gym and you find not too much motivation there, go ahead – organise your training hours by yourself according to your working or studying schedule and get visible results in no time.

Factors to Consider While Buying

Reasonable price. As with any other purchase it is better to pay more at once than to regret your being greedy later. Usually the cheaper the goods are, the lower is their indicator of quality. However, be also wise enough not to overpay.
Weight range. Choose the most convenient weight spectrum for you. It usually depends on your age, weight, physical condition and in some cases doctors’ recommendations.
Safety and durability. The most secure sets go with metal tabs on the weights. They will lock them safely in one place and prevent them from falling off. But anyway, your dumbbells durability depends mostly on yourself. Do not let them fall, break down and injure yourself, and they will last long.
Good reviews. Nothing can help customers and convince them in their choice better than other customers’ feedbacks. Thanks God, there are lots of websites which can provide you with all necessary information and details. Below the description from the owner or the brand there usually go buyers’ reviews. Feel free to ask them any questions concerning the product – and you will make the right choice.!. Click here to view more info

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tips for buying nursing bras

During the course of pregnancy and in fact, even after pregnancy, the size and shape of the breasts keep changing. The major changes happen during the third trimester and continue after the birth, till such time the mother and the baby fall into feeding pattern. Usually, expecting mothers choose to buy larger sized bras and then buy another set of nursing bras after the child birth. This is an unnecessary expense and can be easily avoided.

Nursing pillow can be bought and used even during the last trimester.
Nursing bras are designed in such a way that they can alter their shape and sizes to suit the shape and size of the breast. When they are used before child birth, they serve the purpose of a regular bra and during nursing stages, the detachable front flap can be put to use.

Expecting mothers must buy nursing bras and benefit from the cost aspect. Another important aspect with nursing bras is he comfort factor. During prenatal, post natal and nursing times, the breasts are always sore and painful. Many women prefer not to use a bra at all during these times but are forced to use them when they are traveling or working. Nursing bras can cause even more pain and discomfort to the users, if they are not of the right quality.

Nursing bras are made out of many different materials but nursing mothers must stick with cotton. Cotton fabric is light weight, soft and does not irritate the skin too much. It is also highly absorbent, which is of great help for nursing mothers. They also dry up quickly causing lesser discomfort to the users.

Apart from the fabric, women must also ensure that they have the right fitting nursing bra. They can use the stretchable type but even then they must ensure that they have a comfortable fit at all times. Nursing bras are available from different manufacturers and encompass a wide range of price brackets.
Even though the fundamental concept of usage is the same in all these brands, some are higher priced than the others because of various reasons. The design, fabric, brand, etc, all play a part in the cost of the product. The costliest brands need not necessarily be the correct choice for women; they will have to base their purchase on the above mentioned factors and not on cost. Nursing bras can also be bought online and all types of designs and brands market their products on the net.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

All Nigeria Data Bundle Plan

  Some people do not know that nigeria networks is not something to be written home about but though some trying all their could to go in front but it seems like as if something supernatural is drawing them back but the truth is that “Nothing is causing their downfall but it is their cause”.

 To be frank Nigeria networks or data bundle is something that cannot be changed but by the intervention of a very strong hand. Imagined that for the past months now, Airtel is now cutting their data bundle like as if they are celebrating easter with themselves, or if i asked this “did someone hacked their account” because theirs is getting out of hands, because if anybody did hacked their account then they should have notify us through their facebook fan page. So that’s why i have decided to give you some tips on the latest cheap browsing. 

 Cheap Browsing On MTN 

 This Mtn Night plan can be used on both Android phones and PC or laptops.
This night plan, i recommend it for smartphone users and most especially PC users.

Note that this MTN Night Plan is capped at 4.5GB, that is, 3GB for night plans and 1.5GB bonus thata can be used throughout the day. The cost of this plan is #2,500 and to opt-in to the plan, simply text 102 to 131.

Why i said this plan is good for you that is the PC users is because they can make use of the 3GB plan during the day with the help of their VPN and Simple server program. And while for mobile users, i recommend One month plan for just 1000, to opt in send 106 to 131 or you get 5mb for 5N, dial *406*1# [on Mtn ipulse].


   Cheap Browsing On GLOBALCOM:

 Right now GLO has released a new Glo data package that enables us to purchase 1.6GB for #2000. This plan might seems reasonable for some people but others consider it costly.

 Looking from another aspect of this, you can just use this plan for your smartphone but only when the Mtn Night Plan is very costly to you because to me , it is worth it, because Glo data package rarely consumes immediately unlike that of Etisalat.

 However, if the network signal of Glo is high in your location then I advice you to go for the plan. To opt-in for Glo 1.6GB plan, simply text 55 to 127.


   Cheap Airtel Data Bundle

 Sometimes and most times, Airtel data plan subscription is my favourite but it is highly recommended for those who are not used to downloading high files of more than 60MB.

 Actually, the data plan subscription is meant for blackberry users, but it can work on all device. To opt-in for Airtel data plan subscription, simply dial *440*16# and you would be credited with 2GB data plan.


Cheap Etisalat Data Bundle

 No talking because there is no current cheap browsing on etisalat.


 or You can see all the list of Nigeria Data Bundle Plans.

Read More by Clicking On This Link

 Please we want you not to be distracted or scammed by people that said that they do have mtn, glo, etisalat or even airtel free browsing because if any one comes out bet you will be first to know @the official site that is Data Bundle. Bye

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Just follow the below step by step guidelines below to Check the Jamb 2014 Results Online.

 First Step. 

All the interested candidate who sat down for the 2014 Jamb Utme examination are to please visit the JAMB result checking portal @

Second Step. 

Now proceed by entering the below credentials; Œ Your PIN. Œ Your Serial Number or Registration Number. 

Third Step. 

Now after entering the above credentials, you are to proceed and Click on SUBMIT, your JAMB 2014 RESULT CHECKER will immediately display on your Computer Screen/Mobile Phone Screen, you can then proceed to print out your results. Thank you.

For Candidates who sat for the Jamb PPT 2014 examination you can proceed to check your Jamb 2014 result here and if you have any problem checking your result, please click on the link above and contact us, we will help you check your Jamb UTME Result for FREE!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jamb 2014-2015 PPT Result is out!!

Using this medium we wants to inform you that the board has made adequate arrangements for the checking of the 2014 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination,UTME, results.

All the candidates who sat for the 2014 JAMB examination are to note that the result has been released online.

The result can be checked on-line via the board’s website.

All the candidate are to check their result by visiting this link at or goto jambresult and then enter your registration numbers.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

JAMB 2014 Result Checker: JAMB 2014 PPT Result Release Date for Result

       Using the medium we are informing the general public and the candidate for sat for the 2014 JAMB examination on the 12th of April, the board of Joint Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB office has declared that the 2014 JAMB PPT RESULT will be release on or before Saturday, the 19th of April 2014.

We advice that on the day you are checking the 2014 JAMB RESULT, you are to stay glue to more details about JAMB 2014 results.

Please you are to note that we as the Dailyuniversitynews team we would be announcing the step by step guide on how you can check your JAMB RESULT.

 Now as we are charitable and we are with good intention for all Nigerian student who would be assisting all candidates who will be finding it difficult to check their results. All you have to do is to drop your number in the comment box. We are wishing you all the very best we can.

Update: All the candidates who are going to write the Jamb 2014-2015 Computer Based Test are expected to get prepared as their will be no chance/space for examination malpractice, for more information on Jamb Examination, UTME Result, PPT Jamb Results and CBT, visit the official webpage of Jamb Latest News and approved by Nigeria Students.