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Trans-genders are not different from us, don’t make them feel isolated

In a very short span of time there has been rise in the population of trans-genders because of the wide-spread awareness, trans-genders have been able to come forward and are trying to become a part of mainstream society. But still almost 80% of the people belonging to the LGBT community are not accepted in societies and are considered as bad omen.

When it comes to facing difficulties, transgender students come on the top of that list. These students are very badly bullied in schools, colleges and face unintentional discriminations. Well public schools are made with the motive of creating an inclusive learning environment for all types of students, irrespective of their caste, gender, religion etc.

Sage Day Schools have made special protection policies, so that they can provide these trans-gender students with a safe learning environment which will surely help them in becoming a part of this mainstream society. Beside this schools should also create on and off campus support groups, which help these students, to interact and get mixed up with people belonging to different communities.

To know more about this, please read the infographic given below.

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