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How to Juggle Cosmetology School and Working Full-Time?

Juggling school and work is a common challenge for most modern day people. Often times having a cluttered schedule can lead to being overly stressed, tired, and not being able to appropriately meet the required tasks one can be given on any day. Today we are going to focus on the fashion forward field of cosmetology.

Being a cosmetologist

Rewarding Career Choice

Being a cosmetologist can be a very rewarding career. What can be better than completely changing an outlook of an entire person’s life through changing their hair style or giving them a beautiful set of nails?

Being a cosmetologist is able build unsung up the confidence of others by using hospitality, a keen eye, and skilled set of hands. But how is one supposed to gain this skill set with the everyday busy work schedule and the struggles that every adult has on a daily basis?

Making it Work

The key to excelling in in any part of your life is prioritizing and creating a routine. The better prepared you are for your day the smoother it will go. Possibly try making a list of tools you’ll need. Laying out your clothes the night before. And having a lot of easy to prepare meals on hand will save you some steps in your busy day and lower your stress level.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Keeping a positive attitude is essential in the field of cosmetology and also in the work place. Your clients are constantly judging you on your appearance and actions. So how does one remain positive and well-kept when juggling school and work? Try to get an ample amount of rest by getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night will set you up to have a better attitude if your body is properly rested. Also eating a good breakfast in the morning will give you the energy you need to excel in your day all it takes is an overly tired hair dresser and the wrong snip of the shears to get a botched haircut and an unhappy client.

Managing Life and School

Sometimes it can be hard to manage your adult life and your life in school. Whether it be getting supper on the table or managing your finances. Most people cannot afford to pay to pay for cosmetology school out straight out of pocket. By taking a loan out for your schooling can ease your mind a little bit and help you make affordable payments to eventually reach your goal of becoming a cosmetologist. Also try applying for as many scholarships and you can any little bit helps cosmetology school isn’t cheap and the less you have to worry about financially the better you will be in the long run.


Managing your finances and life takes a bit of dedication and time. When you learn how to establish a delicate balance between work and school you can move forward with a more beneficial and stress-free life. For more information on loans make sure to review all your available options.

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