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Five Resume Trends for 2016 Graduates

Creating your first professional resume after graduating can be a daunting prospect, especially given the fact that more and more people are graduating and jobs seem to be harder to come by. This is exacerbated by the knowledge that according to a study done byMicrosoft, the average person has the attention span which is shorter than that of a goldfish.


This means now more than ever that resumes have to be well thought out, unique and attention grabbing to even make it through the first stage of the employment process.

So, what are the five biggest resume trends for 2016 graduates that you should be aware of?

We reached out to Sherri Hatfield, the head recruiter at Hajoca’s management training program to see the 5 biggest trends she sees while recruiting recent college graduates:

Contact information needs to be clear

You have to understand that recruiters are looking through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes in a very short space of time. It can be an exhausting and often lengthy process, and should they select your resume as a potential candidate – they will be incredibly annoyed if your contact information is hard to find or incorrect. Make sure your information is up-to-date, obvious and at the top of your resume for easy access.

Write for skimmers

As already pointed out, our attention spans are not quite what they used to be, and most people simply scan a document to get out the vital information. This is why newspapers and magazines have amazing headlines, and formats that highlight the important bits. Make sure that your resume can be quickly looked over without missing out on any essential information.

Use some color

Using color is a great way to get your resume to stand out, but obviously the extent of how much you use depends on the job you are applying for. If you are in art-based or creative industry, you could use quirky colors and designs – but for anything else you should keep it simple. Highlight bold headings in blue and leave the rest as is. See what a small amount of color does to your resume, play around a bit and get the most important information to pop out of the page.

Reply in the same language as the job advertisement

The language that you use in your resume should reflect that of the job advertisement. If it is a formal advertisement – you need to construct your resume in quite a similar fashion. However, if the advertisement is quirky and interesting, you need to do the same with your reply to make sure the recruiter knows that your will be a cultural fit within in the company.

Visuals are growing

The number of people using visual aids on their resume is growing steadily, with graphs and infographics being the most popular choice. Obviously for some industries, it is just not viable to use either, but for financial job roles they are particularly effective. Create an awesome infographic for your resume that clearly covers the information you want to covey in a quick and visually aesthetic way.

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